Dear Students and Staff,

Elite International College continues to take the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic seriously.

Elite International College encourages students and staff to continue their studies and work duties from home.

Given the pronouncements of the Movement Control Order and later the Conditional Movement Control Order in Malaysia, Elite International College was closed between 18th March and 12th May 2020.

Following the recent Recovery Movement Control Order (in effect between 10th June and 31st August 2020), Elite International College is planning a staged return of on-campus activities, in line with the guidelines and procedures of the relevant authorities.

Avoid the 3Cs and Practice the 3Ws. Stay safe!

3Cs – Avoid Crowded places, Confined spaces, and Close conversations

3Ws – Practice Washing hands, Wearing mask, and heeding the Ministry of Health’s Warnings

March 23, 2020