CEO’s Message


Thank you for visiting Elite International College (EIC)’s website. This is the starting point for you to chart your education route in pursuit of your ambitions and aspirations. Study experience at EIC will be unique, enlightening, enriching, and rewarding for everyone regardless of race, colour, or creed.

EIC’s programmes have been specifically designed to produce an international breed of leaders, scholars, and professional employees, who will be ready to face the ever challenging and competitive world. Students, whether local or international, will be nurtured and seasoned to be competent, knowledgeable, innovative, ethical and therefore, employable globally to compete in an international arena. Malaysian students, being a powerful asset to the government and the Malaysian industry.

EIC aims to embark on producing graduates who will actively involve in nation building, possess a sense of citizenship, and understand the importance of solidarity and values. In this manner, graduates become empathetic and sensitive to diverse cultures and thus strive to achieve the common good in this pluralistic society of ours.

EIC is committed to producing future leaders, who not only seek to achieve academic excellence but also possess noble personality traits, and thus, are able to inspire others to transform themselves and their organisations from good to outstanding.

Students will gain a vibrant learning experience, which combines theory with case methods hence allows them to adapt better to the changing demands of the industry and global environment. They will be imbued with multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills and innovative, critical, and open minds. EIC’s friendly and flexible semester system enables students to plan their learning experience in a systematic manner.

I am confident that your decision to pursue your study with EIC will be more than rewarding in the direction it will lead you to with necessary knowledge and skills in attaining your desired career path. This is because EIC is not only well-equipped with sophisticated world-class infrastructure and facilities, its pool of experienced and well-known faculty (in selected areas of teaching) boasts of quality academic references and is highly dedicated to the holistic growth of students.

I am very enthusiastic about your future at EIC, we will make it happen for you with the vision and mission that we aspire to! Indeed there is no better time than now for you to join us … Realise your dreams by taking this important step you will ever make for the rest of your life.

With every best wishes.

July 2, 2018