Certificate in English

Elite International College

Programme Description

This programme which is designed to prepare students to undertake any Australia Degree or UK Degree introduces the fundamental concepts and practices of business.

Subjects taught in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, information technology, business and management are to develop the student’s practical understanding of the context, purpose and underlying functional areas of business. Materials and techniques that are consistent with modern principles and best practices, provide knowledge and skills that can be utilised immediately by the student.

Course Approval Code


Entry Requirements

  • Pass SPM with a minimum 1 credit including a pass in English Language OR
  • Other qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government
  • AND for candidates do not meet the above requirement are required to pass the Placement Test organized by the HEP


  • RM 8,000 Tuition Fee + RM 900 Registration Fee & Resources Fee

* Payment mode for Tuition Fee by Semester , Half-Yearly or Yearly only (except for Partnership)


  • 16 months (4 Semester)

Language of Instruction


Program Outline
Subject Subject Code
 1. Basic English Grammar ESP 1000
 2. Reading & Vocabulary Skills 1 ASC 1001
 3. Reading & Vocabulary Skills 2 ASC 1002
 4. Creative Thinking CTA 1000
 5. Active Listening Skills ASC 1000
 6. English Writing Skill 1 ESP 2002
 7. English Writing Skill 2 ESP 2003
 8. Presentation Skills CTA 2000
 9. Public Speaking ESP 2000
10. English for Business Purposes ESP 4001
11. Writing and Reporting ESP 3000
12. Creative Writing ESP 2004
13. Introduction to Drama ESP 3005
14. Introduction to English Literature ESP 3010
15. Appreciation of Ethics and Civilisations MPU1163
16. Entrepreneurship Skills /Bahasa Kebangsaan A MPU 1223/ MPU 1213
17. Privatisation in Malaysia MPU 1313
Total Subjects : 17
Total Units : 60

Awarding Institution

Elite International College


July 2, 2018