Financial Support

Government Agencies

National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)

The PTPTN Education Loan Scheme was set up with the aim of providing education loans to students pursuing their studies in local institutions of higher learning (IPT). This loan will enable students to fully or partially pay their fees and their subsistence for the duration of their study in the IPT. Thus, this scheme provides greater opportunities to students to continue their tertiary education.

The scope of the PTPTN education loan facility is open to students pursuing studies at the diploma, first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels in IPTs established under the following acts:

  • Universities and Universities Colleges Act 1971
  • Institut Teknologi MARA Act 1976
  • Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996
  • Education Act 1996

Starting March 1st, 2007, students pursuing long distance or part-time studies in IPT’s at the diploma, first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels are eligible to receive PTPTN education loan.


Employees Provident Fund (KWSP)

This scheme allows qualified EPF members to withdraw their savings from the second account to finance either their study or their children’s study. The purpose is to finance education fees (which includes tutorials fees, practical training fees, lab fees, library fees), hostel fees and flight fees and flight tickets only.

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • A Malaysian citizen; or
  • A Permanent Resident; or
  • A Malaysian citizen who have withdrawn your savings under Leaving The Country Withdrawal before 1 August 1995 but subsequently returned and re-contribute to EPF; or
    A Non-Malaysian citizen (Expatriate) who became a member of the EPF before 1 August 1998.

You need to have savings in your Account II and you must also have not reached 55 years of age on the date the application is received by the EPF.

You must have remaining balance in your Account II to be eligible to apply because all education-related withdrawals are made against your Account II.


Social Security Organization (SOCSO)

SOCSO is a government agency that provides socio-economic security to all working Malaysian citizens (who are SOCSO contributors) including their dependents.

One of the benefits provided by SOCSO is for education which comes in the form of loans disbursed to dependent children who are recipients of either the:

  • Dependents’ Benefit; or
  • Survivor’s Pension

Or children of employees who are recipients of:

  • Permanent Disablement Compensation; or
  • Invalidity Pension

Although this benefit is in the form of a loan, it can, however, be converted into a scholarship if the child obtains excellent results.

July 2, 2018