The European University of Rome (Università Europea di Roma, UER)

The European University of Rome (Università Europea di Roma –
UER) is an Italian private university legally recognized by the Italian
Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR)

UER was founded in 2004 and approved by Ministerial Decree on May
4, 2005. It has a wide academic offer of Bachelor and Postgraduate
programs and belongs to a prestigious international network of
Universities with campuses in Spain, the USA, Mexico and Chile.

The University campus, which is easily accessible from Rome’s central
areas, has been built according to modern architectural criteria, with a
lot of green areas, natural lightened environments, leisure and study
areas. Student accommodation as well as student housing services is
also available.

Bachelor of Science in Economics & Business Administration (Top Up)
Aims to train professionals capable of entering the world of companies, both private and public, as well as in the field of business consulting and the ability to understand the complex dynamics that characterise the economic environment. The course is offered for the first time in Asia in collaboration with South East Asia Academy.

Criteria for Application:
MQA Diploma OR equivalent Advanced Diploma in Business/Management from an accredited institution.

Duration of Study:
8 months of study + 4 months internship/work experience

Graduation Ceremony:
UER Italy Rome Campus


September 19, 2021