Certificate in Business Administration

Elite International College

Programme Description

This programme which is designed to prepare students to undertake the Diploma in Business Administration introduces the fundamental concepts and practices of business.

Subjects taught in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, information technology, business and management are to develop the student’s practical understanding of the context, purpose and underlying functional areas of business. Materials and techniques that are consistent with modern principles and best practices, provide knowledge and skills that can be utilised immediately by the student.

Course Approval Code


Entry Requirements

  • Pass SPM with a minimum 1 credit or
  • Other qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government


  • Full Time 18 months
  • Part Time 24 months

Language of Instruction



Program Outline
Subject Subject Code
 1. Fundamental of Business BAN 0100
 2. Mathematics MATH 0100
 3. Business Communication COM 0100
 4. Creative Thinking CTA 1000
 5. Fundamentals of Marketing MKT 0100
 6. Introduction to Entrepreneurship MGT 0102
 7. Fundamental of Economics ECO 0100
 8. Fundamental of Management MAT 0100
 9. Business Ethics PHI 1600
10. English for Academic Purposes ENG 0100
11. Human Resource Management MGT 0103
12. Fundamental of Accounting ACT 0100
13. Fundamental of Information Tech CS 0100
14. Fundamental of Finance FIN 0100
15. Business Law DLW 5301
16. Social Science GED 104
17. Bahasa Malaysia A/B MPW 1113/ MPW 1123
18. Islamic Studies/Moral Studies MPW 1143/ MPW 1153
19. Pengajian Malaysia MPW 1133
Total Subjects : 19
Total Units : 60

Awarding Institution

Elite International College

Next Education Pathway

Diploma in Business or/and Management

Career possibilities

  • Admin Assistant
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant